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Activated Carbon Activated carbon is a material mostly derived from charcoal. The structure of activated carbon has a very large surface area -1 lb of granular activated carbon has the surface area of 125 acres. The activated carbon surface is non-polar which results in an affinity for non-polar adsorbates such as organics. Activated carbon is … Activated Carbon for Wastewater TreatmentRead ...

Effect of light quality, sucrose and coconut water

Effect of light quality, sucrose and coconut water concentration on the microporpagation of Calanthe hybrids (‘Bukduseong’ × ‘Hyesung’ and ‘Chunkwang’ × ‘Hyesung’) Md. Abdullahil Baque 1, 2, Yun-Kyong Shin 1, Turkey Elshmari 3, Eun-Jung Lee 1, Kee-Yoeup Paek 1*

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Drip Irrigation: In the traditional system of irrigation followed in coconut gardens such as flood irrigation, basin irrigation etc. irrigation efficiency is only 30 to 50 per cent due to considerable wastage of water. In addition, cost on inputs like labour and energy in adopting these systems are high.

Coconut Water: Miracle for Plants Growth — Kitchen Home Gardener

Jul 26, 2017 · Coconut Water can actually benefit your garden and the plants. Benefits. Coconut water can replace any grow formula. If you feed your plants with coconut water then it will help your plant to grow faster and more vigorously. We have a misconception that coconut is a fruit but coconut is a seed, infect the biggest seed on planet earth. Just like ...

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The seed is protected by a thick, stony shell, or endocarp, and is partially filled with a liquid known as coconut water. The edible endosperm is white and meaty and can be between 1.0 and 2.5 cm (0.4–1.0 in) thick. Coconut palms can reach a height of 30 m (98 ft), produce up to 75 fruits a year, and live for up to 90 years.

High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO™)

High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis (HERO ) yields ultrapure water with maximum recovery (up to 90%), and because the system’s purification process is so thorough and able to handle high amounts of silica while consuming much less water than conventional ...

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Identifying Plant Nutrient Deficiencies

Not all plant problems are caused by insects or diseases. Sometimes, an unhealthy plant is suffering from a nutrient deficiency or overload, meaning too much of any one nutrient. Plant nutrient deficiencies often manifest as discoloration or distortion of the leaves and stems.

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Sea water and sea salt as organic fertilizer that makes

Aug 24, 2014 · Sea water and sea salt as organic fertilizer that makes healthy plants grow fast August 24, 2014 by Wojciech Majda Leave a Comment You might be surprised to hear it, but some people use seawater as a… fertilizer.

Can You Fertilise Cannabis With Coconut Water?

Sep 18, 2018 · Can You Fertilise Cannabis With Coconut Water? Put your cannabis plants on a vegan diet with coconut water. In this blog, we explore the potential of using coconut water as a fertiliser for cannabis plants throughout their lifecycle. If you are looking for an organic alternative to chemical nutrient solutions, coconut water could be the answer.

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High Efficiency Vs Standard Air Conditioning High efficiency air conditioners are more beneficial than standard AC units. They are more energy efficient and are not prone to on-off cycling, which tends to produce a lot of noise. In addition, they enhance

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Buy Aquaboon Coconut Shell Water Filter ... Remastered to deliver up to a quarter gallon of water per second with one of the most advanced and high-efficiency ...

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as a thirst-quenching hero, coconut water is right at home alongside athletes on jogging tracks + yoga mats. but this superfruit knows how to unwind, too. namely by hanging on a sandy beach, fronds fluttering in the breeze. just consider this light, tropical scent the best of both worlds.

Frontiers | Water-Use Efficiency: Advances and Challenges in a Changing Climate

Water use efficiency (WUE) is defined as the amount of carbon assimilated as biomass or grain produced per unit of water used by the crop. One of the primary questions being asked is how plants will respond to a changing climate with changes in temperature ...

Homemade Organic Marijuana Plant Fertilizers

3. Coconut flesh and coconut water . Coconut water makes a brilliant cannabis plants fertilizer that is not only 100% natural but it also doesn’t require any fancy preparations or waiting in order to take advantage of. Simply cut a fresh coconut in half and pour the coconut water into the soil of your plants.

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From leaf to whole-plant water use efficiency (WUE) in complex

Plant water use efficiency (WUE) is becoming a key issue in semiarid areas, where crop production relies on the use of large volumes of water. Improving WUE is necessary for securing environmental sustainability of food production in these areas. Given that ...


Bottling of coconut water not only reduces the cost of bulk freighting and transportation of immature coconuts over long distances, but it enhances the shelf-life, adds value and generates income and employment for small farmers and coconut water processors. Compositionally, coconut water is relatively high in

Effect of drip fertigation and polythene mulching on growth and productivity of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.), water, nutrient use efficiency

The highest water use efficiency of 34 nuts tree −1 m 3 of water was recorded in 100% RDF drip fertigation with 100 μm polythene mulching (T 1) whereas, the lowest water use efficiency of 14 nuts tree −1 m 3 of water was registered in conventional flood 7) ().

Coconut Water: Supplement Information From WebMD

Coconut water is a good source of B vitamins and potassium, plus it contains electrolytes, various plant hormones, enzymes, and amino acids. Should you be drinking it?

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Coconut competes well with most plants for nutrients and water. However, its growth and yield slows in the presence of aggressive grasses such as the Imperata cylindrical. Pasture grasses, including Ischaemum aristatum, are commonly grown under old palms for cattle grazing. In general, coconuts grow poorly in shade.

Growing for Maximum Flavor • High Times

Oct 17, 2014 · Growing for Maximum Flavor. ... coconut water will cause your plants to grow faster, more vigorously, and with more buds sites and shorter internodal distances. ... Coconut water is also a great ...

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Water Management

In the traditional system of irrigation followed in coconut gardens such as flood irrigation, basin irrigation etc. irrigation efficiency is only 30 to 50 per cent due to considerable wastage of water.

13 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water

Oct 08, 2019 · 13 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Water Beverage By Brandi Marcene October 8, 2019 Coconut Water health benefits includes supporting weight loss, managing diabetes, promoting digestion, managing high blood pressure, supporting cardiovascular health and maintaining kidney health.

My Coconut Fruit Is Wilting: Tips On Caring For Sick Coconut

Coconut trees are fairly low maintenance, interesting specimens for the home garden. Even so, they are susceptible to some coconut palm diseases and environmental stresses, such as coconut wilting. Help, My Coconut Fruit is Wilting! If you are lucky enough to have a coconut tree in your landscape, you may witness coconut fruit tree wilting.


Euromecc entirely designs and produces concrete batching plants, manufacturing almost all the components and assembling them to its factory. With a range of products with no equal, Euromecc establishes as a leader in providing plants for concrete and cement markets, thanks also to the capability of designing and producing tailor-made solutions.

According to the possibility of moving the plant, they can be classified into stationary batching plants, suitable for settled building sites and mobile batching plants, FIVETECH series, guaranteeing production of a stationary batching plant with easy transportation and fast installation...

Each kind of plant can be equipped or not with a concrete mixer, identifying WET concrete batching plants (provided with concrete mixer) and DRY concrete batching plants. WET batching plants allow to blend aggregates, cement, water and additives guaranteeing a better concrete quality and optimizing water/cement ratio. Euromecc produces three types of concrete mixers with cutting-edge mixing technologies: MEB double shaft mixers, MEP planetary mixers, MEC continuous mixers.


Analyzing the type of production of the plants are picked out plants for continuous production, equipped with continuous mixers, and plants for cyclical production, equipped with double shaft and planetary mixers.

Euromecc concrete batching plants can be equipped with:

  • bins for bulk material storage (at least two bins)
  • conveyor belts for bulk material handling (aggregates)
  • Automation and management system
  • Silos for cement storage (including silos accessories)

According to material produced, plants are divided into: ready-mixed concrete plants, plants for precast concrete, plants for cement mixture.


The manufacturing of batching plants is realized inside the factory, making Euromecc the only interlocutor and responsible for the whole project. The production is done with NC-machines, steel and section bars have certified quality and origin, components are the best available in the market...

EUROMECC offers to the customer turnkey solutions from the feasibility study, continuing with carpentry production, mechanical engineering, realization of electric control panel and IT management, up to assembly and test to the building site followed by post-sales assistance...